I want a man to look at me and say, ‘THAT’S HER!’

What if Eve got as thirsty for love as we do? What if Eve got impatient like us and settled for any ‘animal’ that gave her attention Because she wouldn’t wait on God’s timing …a Lion?

How many more years is it going to take you, to realize that everything you’re doing to attract a man is never going to attract YOUR man? You always look good and you even started going to the gym, but you’re still not being treated as the queen you are! No, there is nothing wrong with you– but sis, you’ll never be the right one for the wrong person. You’re trying to awaken love before it’s time and you’re worn-out, but you keep pushing and it always ends the same, if not worse. I know it’s tough, especially when you go on Instagram and everyone is showing off their MCM or WCW, and you’re just wondering “when is someone going to show me off ?”. But being someone’s WCW for months or years, just to have your pictures taken down isn’t worth it; it’s actually embarrassing.
Wake up! Anything the devil gives is temporary, he is not capable of giving anything good, but it’ll always look good (It’s a reflection of who he is). His purpose is to cause chaos in your life, so he’ll gladly distract you from being the woman you are called to be with some boy. Let’s not forget. Satan’s downfall began because he wanted to be God. Why would you accept anything from a fraud when God already has your life set? When it’s not from God, it’ll leave you scarred up and messed up.


‘Bae’ can’t see you because God is still preparing him in his sleep as He’s molding you. When God was done molding Eve, she WAITED for Adam to wake up. She didn’t have to say a word. She didn’t have to twerk to get his attention… nothing. As soon as he woke up, he said, “THAT’S HER!” He didn’t say, “Right now I just need someone to hold me down, you know, build something first” or sweet talk her into getting all the benefits of being her man without the commitment. Eve never had to ask the question, “What are we?”, Adam made it very clear from the beginning. The Bible called his condition a “deep sleep”, Adam needed enough time to heal from the surgery that was performed in order for his wife to be birthed. Eve didn’t know who that man in a “deep sleep” was, but she stayed in the presence of God. What if Eve got impatient and gave into her loneliness like us? If Eve was like many of us today she would’ve walked away from God, and upon meeting some animal that showed interest in her, she would’ve settled and invested her time in a toxic, meaningless relationship. When we walk away from God and His plans and make plans of our own, we settle for animals who don’t know how to treat a woman, then blame God for our brokenness and claim that love is not real! Some of us are settling for lions, tigers and bears because everyone is in a relationship with one. Don’t you think Eve noticed that the animals around her had companions and that she was lonely? But she did not allow the relationships around her to lead her out of God’s presence and into the arms of an animal; so don’t do it either.

When God created heaven and earth, He called it ”good” and on the seventh day, He rested after He saw that all that he created was “very good”(Genesis 1:31). The very FIRST time God said something was not good was when He saw that Adam was lonely (Genesis 2:18)! Adam didn’t have to say, “God I’m lonely.” God just looked at him and He knew. Sis, God knows what your heart desires even when you say, “I don’t need love.” Even though God knew Adam was lonely, He didn’t bring them together immediately. He waited because Adam wasn’t ready and so, Eve wasn’t either. So wait sis, Eve didn’t see Adam as her husband until it was time. Stop settling for animals; they only know how to treat us like animals because they are not given the tools to love us and they don’t know how to treat a daughter of the King.


Every Time you settle for anyone but your Adam , you are abusing yourself and God will not stop you – Free will.


There is no need for running around dating guys who look like they have ‘potential’, like God doesn’t have better plans for you! Do you seriously believe that God created you without a plan for your WHOLE life (including your love life because He said loneliness is ‘not good’), if He knows how many strands of hair are on your head? ALL Eve had to do was be the woman God created, and Adam saw her as his wife. Imagine the embarrassment that would’ve taken place if Eve got impatient and woke Adam up. She would’ve got herself an incomplete man: a man who’s not ready to be who God has called him to be and a man who is still in transition. Because of HER impatience, she would’ve declared that “there are no good men!” When we go after anything prematurely, we waste time. Then, we have to take time to heal in order to get what has ALREADY been prepared for us. Sis, can’t you see that our Dad is trying to protect you? None of His plans concerning our lives will ever harm us. The devil does not have the ability to love you, even if you do everything he wants you to do. What he gives you in return will always be for your destruction.

Songs of Solomon 2:7(MSG) “Oh, let me warn you, sisters…Do not excite love, don’t stir it up! Until the time is ripe – and you are ready”

Why is the woman in Songs of Solomon warning us about waiting until the right time? She’s probably been in the position most of us find ourselves in. A guy shows interest, you notice some red flags and you say, “he’s not perfect but I’m not either” or “God must have brought him into my life for a reason.” Not everything that gives you attention deserves your life. The enemy sees you’re lonely and he’ll manipulate you into thinking that what he’s given you is from God. He believes he’s in competition with God, so when he fools you, it’s victory for him!



I’ve been told so many times, “girl, it’s easy for you to say, your bf gets it…you’re in a relationship!” I remind them that like Jacob, I have wrestled with God because I didn’t feel like He cared about my heart. I used to ask Him how He can say He loves and cares for me, when He’s given me a father who doesn’t want to be my dad and allow guys to hurt me?! Then things got really weird. God told me David was my husband over two years before we got together. Since I was a child, God has always spoken to me directly or through dreams; so it wasn’t something new. Usually God would reveal a lot of things to me about my family, my mom’s business and friends. But telling me who my husband is, was weird.

Also, I was a little upset because I just got out of a relationship that I knew was hindering my relationship with God. I just wanted to focus on me and Him. Later on, I just started claiming it. I told my cousin, who didn’t believe me, my mom, and a close friend, who thought I was just in a love triangle (when I told her I was in a relationship) and made jokes about it to my best friend. At the time, David was in a VERY committed relationship. It seemed like they would never break up (lol) and the pictures of them on his Facebook just confused me. I felt like God was just torturing me. It looked like there was no possible way that David and I would get together. Months went by; then years went by. Still, we didn’t even speak to each other and in my anger, I rebelled against God.



God in His own timing brought us together. I didn’t need to text, call (didn’t even have his number), flirt or seduce him to be with me. God told David to get out of the relationship he was in prior to us, and he obeyed, as hard as it was because there was no reason to leave. When he got out of that relationship, God worked on him. During that time, there was no communication between us because he was ‘sleeping’ and God was molding me. When God brought us together, without me having to do a thing but stay in His presence (literally), it took me some time to forgive myself. God still kept His promise even though I had allowed my loneliness, anger, and insecurities keep me in the arms of ‘animals’. Please, I’m begging you; stay at the feet of God and wait on Him or you’ll deeply regret it. When I looked at what God blessed me with, I got so depressed because I gave myself to guys who didn’t even deserve a glance from me. My impatience could’ve destroyed me completely. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be now if I continued to disobey God. David and I would not be together, this blog wouldn’t be here, and I would’ve still been wasting my life away! As I remained in the presence of God, He molded me into the woman He created for this generation. Sis, go back to Dad. You’ve been molded by your past, circumstances, choices, and society. How is your Adam going to recognize you when he wakes up?

Don’t give into your emotions because when your Adam finally wakes up, you’re going to wish other guys didn’t have the privilege of saying they had you too. You can’t go back in time now, but from this day forward, make a vow to honor yourself and God. He PROMISES to honor you in return. In case you forgot … He’s the only one who never breaks promises.


Grace & Love,