My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Wait Till Marriage To Have Sex

You know that empty feeling you get after having sex?… it was great but SOMETHING doesn’t feel right.

You’ve been convicted about the double life that you’ve been living by not giving God every area of your life. Deep down you’re unhappy with yourself and you wish your mind and vagina will catch up with your heart. It doesn’t help that your boyfriend thinks that waiting till marriage to have sex is “childish” and stupid… SO, WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE?

So now you’re thinking….

  • Breaking up with him is taking it too far, “it’s not that serious” !
  • Well he said he’s going to marry me and I’m having sex with him, so we’re not doing anything wrong
  • People are out here doing bigger sins, we love God and he knows our hearts
  • I don’t want to lose my boyfriend! he’s the one for me!

Feeling empty, sad, or depressed after sex is an actual condition. Just Google it, several studies have shown that many young people feel a sense of emptiness after sex and all of these extremely intelligent researchers can’t figure out WHY! Well, science cannot explain the things of the spirit, you are literally abusing your spirit, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

Do you love God enough to let go of a relationship that is torturing your relationship with HIM?
You’re quick to call on God when things get bad and when you need help but can He count on your faithfulness?! God didn’t choose His own Son over you, He made His son endure the worst death in history just so you can receive restoration after you’ve sinned against Him. If He can risk it all for you, why do you put a boy who can’t love you without getting sex from you, before Him? God can’t bless you with the person He has for you if you have someone in his place, there’s no room for any of God’s plans for you if you don’t make room.



IT’S REALLY SIMPLE: Being with a guy who is only sexually driven is a SETUP for unfaithfulness in the relationship. If you are with a guy who is sexually driven, it’s crazy for you to think they’d want to wait until they marry you to have sex. A man that is sexually driven will definitely cheat on you because sex is literally passed out in this world. How can you expect him not to cheat if he thinks with his penis and girls are throwing themselves at him? He apologizes time after time because he got caught but he will not and can not change if he’s sexually driven. In order for him to change he HAS to have a relationship with God. The temptations only get greater and men love sex, without God there is nothing that pushes him to fight against his urges. I wish more girls would understand the importance of being with a guy who LOVES God and is fully devoted to Him. WHY? well because a man who won’t cheat on God won’t cheat on me, a man who loves God will love me better and better everyday because he desperately wants to make God happy and proud of him. He wouldn’t think marrying you before having sex with you is stupid, because he wants the best for you. If the guy you’re with isn’t there yet with his mindset then let him go.. I know it’s hard but you’ll thank God you did it. You can’t make anyone love God, because true LOVE is not forced. It is through the love a person has for God that they are able to make decisions like saving themselves for marriage.

If sex could keep a man, Wiz Khalifa wouldn’t have cheated and left Amber Rose and her curvy body. Jay Z wouldn’t have cheated on Beyonce in all her bootylicious glory, Future wouldn’t have cheated and left Ciara after all the Body Parties she openly talked about giving him. Your ex wouldn’t have cheated or got bored with you…the list goes on and on! Let it go… despite what the world says, sex before marriage fails all the time. I find it so funny how a guy can give a girl an ultimatum, making her choose between A and B or he’s leaving and the girl will easily give up everything to make him happy. BUT a girl asks a guy to give up certain things for her and he makes her feel like she’s asking for too much.



Just so you know: Wanting to have sex will never leave your body, you have to remind yourself why you’re doing this and who you’re doing this for. Everything that is good for us is not easy, but even the process is always good for us because it strengthens us. A man who loves God will still want to have sex BUT it’s how he fights the urges that shows how deep his love is for God, and the same goes for us ladies! Abstinence is HARD… very hard.. I mean really really hard lol. That’s why it’s important that you are with someone who wants to live for God as badly as you do, not someone who will bring you down and make you choose them over God.

Prayer: My heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving me the way you do, even though you and I both know I don’t deserve it. Dad I am tired of living a double life, I love you but I don’t live my life the way a person who loves you should. I am sorry for choosing everything and everyone over you, but God it’s so hard. I like being in this relationship but deep down I know you have better for me, I’m just scared that I’ll let go and be lonely. God as I let him(his name) go let him find you, have an encounter with him so that he can have a relationship with you so that he’ll become a better person. God please give me the strength you gave Joseph, Jeremiah, Samuel, Mary and Esther in the Bible. I want to live for you, today I am saying YES to you, help me to say yes to you everyday when I am tempted. Give me the strength to trust you and your plans for me. I honestly don’t know what I am doing with my life, please help me and give me the wisdom to allow you to help me. Please God set me free and open my eyes, I belong to you. – AMEN.

I love you and I am praying for you, Let God rescue you!,